In Memory Of...
I just found out. But as I only barely knew her, I'm not the one most qualified to tell the news nor the details. (I'm still holding out on the remote theory that this is just some hoax or misunderstanding.)

Still, I thought it might be okay to share this, at least. (Lovingly filmed and compiled by robont.)

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The music and lines really have new meaning now, don't they? :(Collapse )

Hey everyone! I've been randomly stumbling around LJ, and I found you guys. I'm Janice and I go to Pepperdine University. It'd be cool to get to know you all and meet up eventually. Feel free to drop me a line any time (my AIM is Tenis248) or check out my journal (it's just usually a bunch of ramblings... but that's what a journal's for right?). Anyways, I just wanted to check in and say hi.

Attention L.A. L.J. Bashers
Do ya'll know about this?


I keep meaning to mention this
ever since the bash, I've forgotten to do this.

I know I talked to a bunch of people at the bash about Sins O' the Flesh and Rainbow Carnage, and I said I would put links on this community.

so look, there they are. :)

Sins does a screen-perfect Rocky Horror, every Saturday at midnight, and RC does a screen-perfect Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the fourth Friday of every month, which is (in this case) a week from today.

here's what I posted to angryinch about the next Hedwig show.Collapse )

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$30 Reward

I am looking for a gaming store which is going out of business somewhere in the country and dumping their stock below wholesale. If you can find me such a place, and if they still have significant stock to buy, I will pay you $30.

"Need the Info!" Aplogize for being off-topic.
Lord Remo logo
Okay girls.

These are phrases I'm planning to put on shirts, mainly for girls like you. Later I will post the types of shirt styles, so any phrase can go on any shirt.
But right now I want to hear which ones you like, which you may not or anything you'd like to have on a shirt. I wanna know this before I go building the silkscreen stencils, to help with the order of which first.

1. (on front) "MAKE THEM BEG"

2. " I (heart) tattooed dumb boys"
( Because I think Gretchen and Shalini want one)

3. (on front) "Objects appear Closer"

4. "My EYES are above THESE!"

5. "Not so innocent"

6. "If you can read this, you are right where



7. (on front) "Take a chance"
(on back) "Missed your chance"

8. (on front) &ljuser_unknown
(on back) "Put me in your journal yet?"
( A planned one but first I would consult with the All-Mighty Brad to work out the deal, royalties or possible charities he might include. But is THIS something you'd want? Would it look good at a Bash?)

9. (on chest) "Look


when you talk to


Now... give me feedback!!!

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Me - 20_12
for some strange reason everytime i hear Pink's Don't Let Me Get Me
I think of LA...... i miss LA and i can't wait to go back.

friend seeks room
hi bash peeps. a friend of mine wrote:

"Ok, kids, this is a cry for help- if anyone knows a room that I could rent for somewhere between $300-500 a month (the less, the better obviously) I need to find a new place to live."

she needs to be somewhere in the more-or-less-central-ish LA area.

GOTTA Know...
Is ANYONE planning on coming out May 11? Or am I going to be sitting here all alone with webwatcher?


It is SEMI-POTLUCK...we will provide and keg and a 6 ft sammich...will we be all alone?!

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Okey-dokey's my contribution to the pix from the Bash. Better late than never eh? And based on how many of the pix didn't turn out, I'm taking the angle of quality over quantity. ;)

Cut for your pleasureCollapse )


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