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Damn, am I too late for any fun?
mistermocha wrote in laljbash
I'm struggling to find more fun and interesting people in LA. I came across this community, and it's like coming into times square on New Year's Day - after the party...

If anyone can hear me, what's going on out there?

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we're still out here... but you really did miss the party :)... I still have lots of parties, keep an eye out...

You just keep I and I informed, a'ight?

it's not hard, just keep an eye on my journal, I'm always rambling about one get together or another ;)

You have parties???

Damn, why am I never invited!

uh, why am i a slut, mr. flake on lunch? hmmmm?

yer out flirting with every new boy that comes around ;P

waving hi is flirting? good grief!

and uh, yeah... so when is the next time you are gracing yourself in my presence?

Mr. Kettle... Meet Mr. Black!


woo hooo!! I'm not alone!!

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