Wow .. 10 years ago today? Really?
Whacked is what we are !!
That's just nuts.  To everyone that was there that weekend ... I'm glad that we were ALL a part of it :D.  I don't know that you could ever duplicate what that weekend turned out to be either.  I tried to find the video that Rob did to post but I can't :(. 

Magical Wes Animated
Was thinking about Rob and Jen lately, so I started looking through my old LA LJ Bash pics...and realized that many of these, I never shared...

So here ya go, flashbacks to a simpler time:

And here's a few silent movies that I took:

Damn, am I too late for any fun?
I'm struggling to find more fun and interesting people in LA. I came across this community, and it's like coming into times square on New Year's Day - after the party...

If anyone can hear me, what's going on out there?

Our Web Comic
Some of you may remember me. I drove from Massachusetts out to the LALJBash. Now, years later, my girlfriend and I write our own web comic at phoenixcomic. It has gaming humor, geek fun, and lecherous lizards. Try it, you'll like it.

Ahem ...
Super Kisses
For those of you who aren't on the community ... IT'S TIME


Are you coming?

To dread or not to dread?
Guys, I've decided to go with silky dreads or, maybe, twists, but I have no ideas where to start. Can you recomend me a salon in LA and also give a very rough estimate of how much it could possibly be?

Thanks a lot!

Still waiting for something fun ??
Super Kisses

Just wait until you see what WE are up to now - hahahahahahahahaahahah

... spread the word ... join the fun ... let's go camping !!

There is a banner generator here:

I'm Kat and from the San Fernando Valley

A quick plug
Andrei in the office
There is a growing site called "Meetup" It's for get togethers of people with a common interest. This specific meetup is for "LiveJournal" consider it a mini-LA LJBash. Last month a handful of us from all over L.A. met for coffee and chat. If you haven't looked at the site, give it a look over. There isn't much to see on the site, yet. But it's just starting out and getting better.

I'm just posting to a few LA groups (Please, Pardon if you see this more than once) since I've got this building pride in city and hate the fact that LA is currently 22nd on the list. Take a look. Sign up if you will. I've received no 3rd party spam from them. And come out next Tuesday and Meetup with us.


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